Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New Goodies

 I want to make a quilt similar to Judy's  "The Brown Quilt" found here:  http://www.patchworktimes.com/patterns/the-brown-quilt/
 These are the fabrics I am considering.  I believe this is the first quilt, other than 1 class quilt, that I searched for specific fabrics.  It was fun and rather costly but definitely for a good cause!

This is for a Gentleman.  Going for Rich Browns, Green earth, Golds, and bits of red and gray.  Please give me your feedback.  I need to get this done quickly for him.  Making a Throw.  Maybe I can start searching for a theme fabric for the back!!

 Neat White Mushroom found in our front yard.  Pretty neat.  It was there for about 4 days before it started looking a little sad.  Then DH cut the lawn.  Bye Bye Shroom.
 Purse made from the Drapery Book fabric.  It is "huge", well for me.  :)  It is the size of a large tote bag.  Has a pocket inside.  I even "re-purposed" the cardboard from the book for the bottom support for the purse!   I made the handles a bit too wide, and once on my shoulder they seem a bit flimsy too.  I believe I will put some batting or flannel, about my shoulder length, and fold the top part of the handle in half over the batting and stitch down. 

Quilt for a purple lover!!    Shhhhhh, it is a secret!!!

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