Thursday, August 27, 2009

As I mentioned last time, here is a picture of the veggie garden with the flower mixed in with the tomatoes and peppers. Truly a great way to brighten up the garden!

Here is a quilt and a pillow that I have sewn for a baby shower. A friend at work did all the counted cross-stitch.

I decided to do some major work on the house for my week off. Painting and turning Chester's bedroom into my sewing room was first on my list. My house was painted a peach color when we first moved in... more than 20 years ago. So this next picture is the peach paint with a sample of the new tan paint. I had to do this on one bathroom wall. I had every intention of painting part of the bedroom wall and stopping and taking a picture to show the diffence but was so excited with how the color was turning out that I just kept going until the whole wall was painted.

Cute little paint patch!

Here is one wall all painted. Is it just great!!

I enjoyed the color so much that I had to paint over the stark white of the grout. This is a HUGE improvement. I painted the grout white quite a few years ago.

Here is the fireplace from a distance. Yes, I know I still have to paint the bottom part. BUT... I still have lots to do and now I know how this will turn out, I can work on it one day after work.

My neighbor, Phyllis, came over the see how the work was progressing and helped me to rearrange the livingroom. I just love this new placement. the couch is at a slight angle and we changed the end table for this small chest. What a huge difference. I can't believe that this small change even makes the room feel wider. :)

Here is the back of the couch. We placed these few items back here and this is what you see when you walk in the front door. I just keep going back into this room and sitting down and admiring my 'new' livingroom.

This is why I can't just stop working. Here is some of what I have pulled from the livingroom and the bedroom. I should have taken a picture of all the stuff I hauled into Jocelyn's bedroom too!

Notice the kitchen and the trash piled up. I haven't touched all of that either. I just keep adding to it!

But now I can start to pull things together. The blue shelves are going out of this room. And this is the Computer wall :)

Here is my sewing center. I have the blue table in the back to support the quilt tops and when I need more floor space, the sewing table folds up and tucks away under the other table.

Here is the last wall. The 4th wall is my design wall. Nothing changed there. I am so pleased with this wall. I hauled the dresser up at 11pm last night and after dusting all the pieces off I finally went to bed. The Boxes on top hold various quilt accessories and I have the labeled with hanging tags. And these plastic boxes are multifunctional. I laid the boxes on their front and then packed them full and when you stand them up... ta da... storage and display at the same time. Two hold UFO tops and two hold selections of my newest fabric.

Oh my, will you look at all that TRASH!!! Well, there is still a trash can behind the box. I have now hauled it all out and the floor is now clean. Well, I do have to vacuum it tomorrow.

I do wish I had kept a log of what I did daily instead of at the end. But I think this still a good example of what I have been doing during my "summer vacation". LOL see ya.


Nancy In CT said...

Hey, did I see a dresser srawer out of it's dresser and on end??? Wasted space! LOL... Quick, fill it! Seriously, Trish,... great job. I'm in the remodeling/revamping stage too. Hoping to post photos on my blog soon. Miss you

Nancy In CT said...

That was dresser 'drawer...', excuse the spelling.

swooze said...

Good job! Don't burn yourself out though. A little at a time sure adds up fast!

Trish said...

Thanks Nancy. lol about the drawer. The bottom was bowed due to heavy books, so it is setting off to the side being 'fixed'.

Trish said...

Thanks Swooze. I did feel a little burned out on Friday. Took it 'easy' by sorting out the stuff in the Diningroom and cleaning up most of the rest of the house. I even spared some time to watch a couple of movies!!