Monday, September 28, 2009

Show Use Your Stash

Judy at has challenged her readers to Show Off our Stash. No fair cleaning or straightening up, though. hee hee hee... She didn't realize that I had already started doing this in August. But I took some pictures and never put them into my blog so I can do so now :)
What a messy sewing area in the basement.
This is some of my stash in Chester's Bedroom.
Oh my, where would he sleep? As I wrote in August, Chester TOLD me to turn his room into my sewing room. I didn't fuss tooooo much! If you slip on over to August 27, 2009 you can see how I was able to pull his room together and get alot of stash organized. But... not completely, there is always room for improvement!
Tubs and containers with "newer" fabric. Done after room was painted and sorted out.
Over by the Closet door. I have hanging tags on certain drawers. These have the contents written on the labels. This way I know where to place specific things! This has been helpful!
This is the closet. Yep, it definitely needs to care and attention.
and well, this is the other side of the closet. The tubs have scraps cut and labeled.
Underbed storage tubs with fabric in it.
This is my daughter's closet. More fabric!
Oh My Goodness. Looky here. Yep, More Fabric!! I sure hope that is the end of my stash pictures! Yes, I have sorted these cabinets but it was done back in August, and have been playing with the fabric upstairs since then.
Yes, I am joining in and will be keeping track of my messy stash. Everyone is right, keeping track where others can see and help you hold yourself accountable will be a good thing for me!
Join in, if you dare!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Design Wall and Flower Garden

My flowers are looking great!
I want to be sure and plant these same flowers again next year!!
So, lots of pics to help me remember what I did this year. I have to keep them watered better and then maybe the pesky moles won't come back. I saw some activity again last night. Darn them.

This is what is on my Design wall. I created this many, many years ago. I just purchased an inexpensive flannel backed table cloth and nailed it to the paneling, being sure to place the nails in the groves so they don't leave obvious holes in the paneling. Notice that it is starting to tear at the one corner. :(

This will be the location for a second design wall. I purchased another flannel backed tablecloth from a yard sale (only .25) but I am going to put grommets at the top and then nail it to the wall. Hopefully this will eliminate the tearing. If this work, I will Reverse the other tablecloth and add grommets to it too.
Today I am home sick. Have been fighting allergies for about a week. Lost my voice, which has never happened before, boy do I sound WEIRD!! After getting medicine in me, I finally feel like working on something and not just sitting and sleeping.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I finally went out in the daylight and took fresh pictures of the garden, Yeah. Now you can see the 'weed control units' better!

What is on my design wall. This :O) I saw the block and drew it out on graph paper. However, finding the graph paper was a challenge. Since creating the Sewing Room I've tried to have a "place" for often needed items; but, the items used every so often are a struggle. I did notice that I go to the dresser to find the graph paper but it isn't there... now, finally, the lightbulb went on and I made a label "Graph Paper" (imagine how much thought went into THAT label), tied it to the drawer handle. Found the tablet of graph paper, finally, and when done with the tablet I put it in the drawer!! ok, not rocket science, but if I can find it three months from now when I really want to chart out a block I'll know where it is :) Mission accomplished :) Pic? oh yeah :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Model clothes? ME????

I haven't had much to type about. Going to work and coming home, basically. But had fun today at work. Was asked a couple of days ago to 'model' an outfit. Yeah.... right.. me??? Haa Haa Haa. Maybe if I loose alot of weight, they apply the makeup and do my hair...then well, maybe that would be a yes. Then, THE BOSS, comes up and asks. Nope, nope, nope. I am NOT going to do this. I have to wear my own shoes, I say. Why? well, that is another story. Well, you can do that. Ok, that means I have to wear my owns pants, too. Ok, he says, just a top, you can do that, can't you?? nope, nope, nope. "come on, he says, lets just go look at the clothes... and so for some odd reason, I go. Sigh. I say, ok, I'll look, but you have to pick the clothes out. (thinking he would so forget it. nope, nope, nope. HE says OK)... drat, drat, drat.

Well, he wanders around and asks. What don't you normall wear.. I say dressy clothes. He pulls out an orange jacket and a brown knit top. Eww.. I don't know. Orange???? Try it on, he says.
Ok... but I make sure that there are two other women to give me Their Honest Opinion!!! Hmmmm. Well... I kinda like it. So I end up modeling this.. and I think I will go back at next payday and get the outfit. Yep, me.. buying a new set of clothes. WOW... hmm should I tell him that he did good or not????

Well, off the feed the animals. Hugs, Trish

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cooler weather is here!! Yeah :) I went out to the garden again Last Sunday and pulled weeds and on Wednesday I brought home a lot of boxes. Why you ask? I'll tell you. I used these to smoosh down the tall grass. My new weed control method. I open the boxes up and lay them out. I had planned on doing this at a rather leisure pace but I found out that we are going to get thunderstorms tomorrow and having it rain on the boxes keeps them soggy enough that they stay put and don't blow around. Here are some pictures. It was almost dark so they aren't the best but I wanted to get these onto the blog today.

I also moved the two tarps around and replaced them with boxes so that the tarps covered a larger area. Notice the cow watching!
See how pretty the petunia are looking mixed with the veggies. And the last picture is what my garden should look like. All cleaned up.. lol. I was able to pick some hot peppers and a few tomatoes and even some red raspberries. Yum.