Sunday, February 1, 2009

Jelly Roll Class Part 2

Accomplished alot on the Jelly Roll Quilt!! We spent lots of time working on the first block in the morning and then after lunch we worked on the second block. Then I came home and had to get ready to go out to a Chamber Dinner. But on Sunday, I really sewed and sewed. Here is a picture of part of the blocks on the design wall. And then a close up of them. and the last picture is the quilt laid out on my bed as I am sewing the block strips together.

I have the setting triangles sewn on but don't have a pic yet. We were to have class the following Monday, but it was postponed due to bad weather coming in. Luckily we did not get the bad weather, but we still didn't have class. However, we will be having class again this Monday evening and I need to get the quilt squared up and the first border strips cut so that I can jump in and start sewing them on at class. :)
I have decided to make a lap quilt for a good friend who is going thru a bad time right now and want to use the same colors/fabric that I did in the Jelly Roll Quilt. I hope these bright colors will help a little. I admit that I am combining the making of this quilt with the desire to try out a new pattern. I have been hearing about the Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt for some time now and fast it is to put together, so this is the design I chose. The Tutorial for this quilt can be found here:
I decided to use 5" squares to make it come together faster still.
Here is a pic of the 9 Patch. I chose Pink as my center color. I really like how having a central color pulls it all together.

This is after cutting the original 9 patch up and then squaring up each block.

Yeah, I know, my notes to myself about how I did it are very poorly done. Hopefully I will be able to figure them out when I make another quilt!

Changes: Square up the original 9 patch to 14". This will make it alot easier than triming the others to 7"!!!!!!!

Here it is up on the design wall!!! I love how this comes together and with these bright fabrics it really pops out at you!

Ok, all sewn together. Now how did the blocks end up in different positions than when I had it up on the design wall? Compare the two pictures and you will see what I mean. Oh well. That is one of the wonderful things about this quilt pattern!!
Now I need to figure out what fabric to use for the small inner border. I held up a bright orange, which is what I had planned on, but it just blended into the quilt. Here are the pinks I used, but I am not sure I want to make it scrappy. I am thinking about either a darker green or blue. And, of course, the floral print will be the outer border.

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