Saturday, January 17, 2009

Jelly Roll Class Part 1

I took some better pictures! Here you can see the floral Main fabric and the strips that I have cut and the Yellow and Green in the background are fabrics that I am considering using. Not sure yet which one it will be, or will it be both??? I'll just have to wait for the class and sew some pieces up before deciding for sure.

It surprised me when I laid the focus fabric on top to see how it changed with the different background fabric. I like how taking a picture and then studing it can help with decision making!
To me, the green blends and the orange stands out. That will play a part in my deciding which fabric to use.
These are the strips and the rectangles that I have subcut from the strips. All put into a container and ready to take to class!
I have pulled all the supplies together and still need to get my sewing machine ready for transport and gather any last minute items. I am off to get ready for class.
See ya, Trish

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