Monday, September 8, 2008

I was very busy yesterday. I know, I know, I said I would get busy on my quilting...well, I did. Just not as expected! I was directed to another blog by Kathie and she was showing a pattern that she had figured out by looking at a quilt. See hers at: Well.......... I figured it out (my version) by looking at HER version! And the race was on. Christmas fabric. Yes, I have tons of it. Just 'saving' it for the right occasion. Well, after many, many years of waiting I am using alot of it! Yipee!!! This was my total focus yesterday. Now, sore back and sore feet and all!! lol Here is a picture of some of the strips that I have cut and of my finished block. Like Kathie's mine finished at 18" and this will make the quilt go together rather quickly.
That was yesterday, Sunday.

Today things have been busy already. Rain, rain, go away... at least for a few more days. Alas it is not to be. More rain. Yes, I took pictures. Did you expect anything else? First thing this morning I realized that it had been raining for quite some time and I needed to empty the bucket I had out to catch the rain water. I got totally soaked because I had to go out when it was pouring rain. :(
Our dog, Freckles, woke up and had to come in. Isn't she sooooooo pathetic. This is her "please let me stay inside, I don't want to go back outside" look.
Back to working with the Christmas fabric. Lots more to cut!
Well, the bucket is full again. This is the THIRD time that I have emptied it! I need to go check the rain gauge and see how much rain we have had so far.
This is how I start to empty the bucket. Must remember... Bend from the knees, not the back. I have to scoop out a majority of the water and throw it onto the grass, then pull the bucket to the edge of the deck and pour it out. I do believe that I will be sore tomorrow. Especially if it keeps raining!
This is a view of our driveway and the road. Yes, it is a dirt/gravel road. Yep, lots of puddles.
I do believe this is a great day to stay inside and quilt. I only have a few more pieces of fabric to cut some strips from and then on to sewing! I need to decide if I will use these as leaders & enders or straight sew and use the 4" squares that I have setting beside the sewing machine as my L&E's ahhh decisions, decisions, decisions. lol
Hugs, Trish


swooze said...

I saw the pattern on Kathie's blog and really liked it. Can't wait to see yours too. Why are you collecting the rain there?

Trish said...

lol I am not collecting it on purpose. It seems to be a natural low spot and then messes up other things.