Sunday, September 21, 2008

Stashbusters is having a mini-retreat this weekend and I am off this weekend so I can participate!! Yipee!!

I was sick all last week and still have the "dreaded cough" hanging around. But I want to SEW, so I decided to work on the Christmas quilt at the 'retreat'. Below is the picture of the layout on my bed. I have the blocks sewn into rows and only two completed rows sewn together.
*NOTE TO SELF* - remember to check the bobbin thread BEFORE starting to sew on the LONGGGGGG row. (sigh) I only sewed about half a bock before running out of bobbin thread but I sewed 2.5 blocks down before realizing it. bummer.

The picture looks a little narrow, because I was standing on a chair at an odd angle when I took this picture. oh, and the rows are scrunched up on top of each other at the head of the bed. I wanted to hurry and post this information :)

Now, I need to work on dishes and then hopefully back to sewing before I have to start on dinner. Well dishes are done, quilt not done, am off to work on dinner.



swooze said...

Looks great Trish!

Bizarre Quilter said...

Ooh, I like this quilt. Where is the pattern from? My sister would like it.

She will have no pink or frills or flowers on anything!!

thumper-rabbit said...

Hey, Trish-
thanks for letting me know you have a blog. You have some beautiful quilts here. (karl laughed when I told him you have a blog. Brothers - go figure!)