Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Haircut Day

Before shot. Yeah, I know goofy picture!

As you can see, My hair has been long for a couple of years. I am finally getting it cut and searched the internet to find a hairstyle that I liked. Copied the picture and took it and had it cut. Yeah!! I am very excited about it. Now, I just hope that I can make it look as great as Shanna did!
Better. Why didn't I think of taking it this way before I cut my hair. Now, I have to remember to wear earings tomorrow and maybe *gasp* even makeup!
I am working on dinner as we speak. I have three Pheasants steaming and then I will try to make a casserole for dinner tonight. If I run out of time, I will have to fix it for tomorrow night and just scrounge around for something for tonight. Recipe later, if I can fix it and take pics tonight. I still have the Scarry Quilting Halloween Wallhanging to work on to.


swooze said...

Well nice to meet you! Nice cut!

Trish said...

Feels good to have it cut and a nice picture too!! lol