Monday, October 12, 2009

Scarry Quilting

Here it is, the moment We've all been waiting for... Ok, ok, the moment I've been waiting for!! *evil grin* I have machine quilted this wall hanging and it is completely quilted.. and yes, it is quite scarry! Which Goes right along with the Halloween theme of the top. Yep, first time free motion quilting and it definitely shows. I suspected it would be as "bad" as it turned out. Well, I must admit that it is a little bit better than I feared it would be :) and so that is why I didn't mind the halloween top being my first choice. I really need to have the quilt top at the same level as the machine because it was very difficult to keep quilting when the top was dragging the opposite direction I was sewing in. Also when I had to move my hands to quilt at a different spot the drag would make the sewing go crazy directions as well.
. So Here is a close up of some of the "scarry" parts. But Every time one sews it is a learning experience. So this will stay this way and be a great reminder of what I need to improve on for the next quilt! The other delima I had was if I should try to quilt in rows, which is how I started, I tried one row and did one loop in each block and then became more adventurous and had multiple loops in each block (whick I liked better) I still did it in rows, but I figured out to wind around a bit more and tried to overlap into another row some. But unfortunately didn't figure this out until the very end. Ah well. Now to bind it! I am thinking about getting some orange binding or black. Or maybe just checking out what old binding I may have and just connect some of this together and put it on "as is". But first, I'd best get some housework done and dinner planned! More later. Hgus

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Tamera said...

Good job!

It feels good when you finally sit down and just do it, doesn't it?

Have you quilted some more since?

I found that the more I quilt on my machine, the better my stitches are looking!