Friday, December 17, 2010

Judy's UFO 2011 Challenge

Finally Friday!!! I thought I was off for the weekend, but I have to work on Sunday. At first I was disappointed, but then I found out that I will have Thursday - Sunday off next week!! (Saturday being Christmas this year)

Judy's UFO 2011 Challenge is gearing up. So I am starting my list and will just add to it as I come across quilts that need completing. Go here for Judy's Home page:

1. Halloween Wall Hanging - Find/buy
black binding and bind.

2. Orange Cruse Sent to Becky - Bind

3. Carpenters Wheel sent to Becky - Bind.

4. Paper Pieced Table Top - find a border piece, backing, quilt & bind.

5. Red/White/Blue Sampler - count blocks, finish more if necessary, Figure out backing, quilt and bind.

6. Red/Yellow Table Top - finish hand
quilting and binding on

7. Christmas Braid - Quilt and Bind.

8. Chick Sampler - decide final size, make more blocks, find backing, quilt & bind.
9. Christmas Quick Quilt

10. Bright Quilt - Binding

11. Baby Boy Quilt

12. Fall Handbag

Wow, I am surprised that I could list 8 quilts without even searching for those that are "hidden" away!

ok, Heading for bed. Silly me woke up at 3am, when I could have slept in until 6am this morning. I hate when I do that. Night all!


quilts said...

Ihave a list just like yours I better join too! It's nice to have company!claudia

Dionne said...

What a great list! I just joined the challenge and I'm looking forward to following along with everyone's challenge.

Trish said...

I am excited to be joining this challenge! Jump on in and join. Yes, it is great to have company,quilts!!

Wonderful, Dionne! I'll want to zip over and check out your list!!