Friday, December 31, 2010

Fun mindless quilt for sewing

I am participating in a Fun Mindless Quilt Day. Thank you Stashbusters and Sandy Cook! I just finished cutting the Christmas fabric. Still need to cut the black squares. Some fabric have 1993 date on them and some don't even have a date.

My dd said "why did you collect all this Christmas fabric?" Good question. I said. "look at this Christmas mouse, How could you NOT buy it!" Guess that sums up MY buying mentality!

I am excited to do this. When Preparing for the first cut, I unfolded the 2+ yards, ironed,cut, refolded the fabric and started the "used" pile. When I made my first 3-4 cuts,I measured so carefully. At about the 4th piece and still seeing 13 more pieces to handle. I measured about 2" more than I needed, cut it off, refolded, and THEN ironed the piece. THEN, I got smarter. :) I just eyeballed what I needed, cut up the rest of the stack, then ironed and cut to size. VERY freeing. Plus I have a stack of christmas strips to use for another quilt :)
Maybe a lap quilt for dd.. hee hee hee.

ok, off to iron and cut the black :)

Yeah!, I have laid out the large squares in the final layout and have sewn one (only one, sob, sniff, sniff) square. Had to take time out to go make Rum Balls for NYE party we are going to tonight.

Ok, maybe I can sew a few more blocks before we have to leave.