Sunday, January 11, 2009

The New Year!!

It is now 2009. I can't believe how the time just flies!! I also can't believe it has been this long since I logged in. Hi Swooze!!! See, I am actually here!!!

To get the New Year off, I have been participating in Bonnie's Mystery Quilt, Double Delight. I love all her patterns!! This time I have been taking it easy on sewing the pieces together. Getting up often and accomplishing other things around the house at the same time. I found this to be a great idea for several reasons. I accomplished other things (which husband liked), I moved often (which body liked) and more important I slowed down when I sewed, relaxed my shoulders and sewed my seams better than ever before. In the past I found myself RACING myself. HURRY, HURRY, Sew, Sew.... Not good. So I guess this means I am off to a great start for 2009.

Goals? Hmmmm yes, goals.. those darn UFO's that are hanging around my head have got to be swatted into shape. I've given thought to why I have not finished my quilt tops. Again, several reasons seem to surface. I haven't machine quilted much (one time?) and am not good at it. It seems I must be GOOD at it before I attempt it again. Silly, isn't it. How do I expect to be good at something if I don't keep trying!!!! So my Mom has been my biggest cheerleader and critic (don't you just love MOMs!!) and has been encouraging me to THINK about WHY I am not finishing up these tops. Thanks Mom!! Another reason seems to be that the beginning of each quilt is such a challenge to me. From choosing the 'right fabric' for the pattern, to 'can I really sew this block' to 'what type of border best suits this quilt' to the last step of 'how will I quilt this top'. well.. I seem to pass all the challenges but the last one. I am so excited that I have completed the top successfully and of course there are always those "other" patterns that are begging to be made that I convienently forget about that last challenge, fold up the top and start on another challenge. The last challenge???? The quilting???? well, there I get stumped. I don't know what I want to do for the quilting and, of course, it has to be "perfect". :( So it stays a UFO, folded up and bundled off to the back of the closet of wherever I have placed it.

This seems rather insiteful of me doesn't it! Now to work thru it and not bundle this insite into the closet with the other UFOs!!!

I mentioned my Mom as one of my Cheerleaders, but I cannot forget my others!!! Thank you Swooze!! Your gentle hints are truly appreciated and won't let me forget that these quilts are not truly finished yet!! My Daughter is another, her stern "did you finish your other quilt?" keeps the UFOs from being totally forgotten. My son, for asking what I am working on now, strangely enough keeps the thoughts of unfinished quilts in my brain and won't let them 'rest' quietly.

I started today with talk of the quilt I am working on, so of course, I have to show pics.

This is Clue 1 all sewn. The upper lefthand pile of blocks has been trimmed to the appropriate 3.5"!! Still have lots more to trim up.

This is Clue 2. Again, all sewn but not trimmed. This is what I will be doing today.

This is all for now, My brain just shut down and I have no more information to pass on!! So, Hugs and Have a Great Quilty Day!!


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