Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I finally went out in the daylight and took fresh pictures of the garden, Yeah. Now you can see the 'weed control units' better!

What is on my design wall. This :O) I saw the block and drew it out on graph paper. However, finding the graph paper was a challenge. Since creating the Sewing Room I've tried to have a "place" for often needed items; but, the items used every so often are a struggle. I did notice that I go to the dresser to find the graph paper but it isn't there... now, finally, the lightbulb went on and I made a label "Graph Paper" (imagine how much thought went into THAT label), tied it to the drawer handle. Found the tablet of graph paper, finally, and when done with the tablet I put it in the drawer!! ok, not rocket science, but if I can find it three months from now when I really want to chart out a block I'll know where it is :) Mission accomplished :) Pic? oh yeah :)

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