Monday, September 21, 2009

Design Wall and Flower Garden

My flowers are looking great!
I want to be sure and plant these same flowers again next year!!
So, lots of pics to help me remember what I did this year. I have to keep them watered better and then maybe the pesky moles won't come back. I saw some activity again last night. Darn them.

This is what is on my Design wall. I created this many, many years ago. I just purchased an inexpensive flannel backed table cloth and nailed it to the paneling, being sure to place the nails in the groves so they don't leave obvious holes in the paneling. Notice that it is starting to tear at the one corner. :(

This will be the location for a second design wall. I purchased another flannel backed tablecloth from a yard sale (only .25) but I am going to put grommets at the top and then nail it to the wall. Hopefully this will eliminate the tearing. If this work, I will Reverse the other tablecloth and add grommets to it too.
Today I am home sick. Have been fighting allergies for about a week. Lost my voice, which has never happened before, boy do I sound WEIRD!! After getting medicine in me, I finally feel like working on something and not just sitting and sleeping.

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