Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cooler weather is here!! Yeah :) I went out to the garden again Last Sunday and pulled weeds and on Wednesday I brought home a lot of boxes. Why you ask? I'll tell you. I used these to smoosh down the tall grass. My new weed control method. I open the boxes up and lay them out. I had planned on doing this at a rather leisure pace but I found out that we are going to get thunderstorms tomorrow and having it rain on the boxes keeps them soggy enough that they stay put and don't blow around. Here are some pictures. It was almost dark so they aren't the best but I wanted to get these onto the blog today.

I also moved the two tarps around and replaced them with boxes so that the tarps covered a larger area. Notice the cow watching!
See how pretty the petunia are looking mixed with the veggies. And the last picture is what my garden should look like. All cleaned up.. lol. I was able to pick some hot peppers and a few tomatoes and even some red raspberries. Yum.

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