Friday, June 24, 2011

2011 Flood - Friday

Pictures coming home.

Farmers Field across from Atchison.  Where is the water coming from?

Another field across from prior picture

Same field as above.  The water is very close to this house.

Water level is down some.  Another levee broke north of us.

More of the bench to see today.

I think this is how the field by the house is getting flooded.

Looks like the Missouri flowed over the embankment and into the fields. 
I wonder if this is how 59 highway will flood.  When/if this happens, I will have to drive to Leavenworth to get to work.  Right now, it costs me over $10.00/day to drive to work.  If I have to go through Leavenworth will it cost me $20.00/day? 

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