Sunday, June 12, 2011

2011 Flood - Saturday

 Tree has fallen into the Independence Creek because the roots/ground too water-logged.   These pictures are taken Sunday Morning as I go into Atchison.
 Sunday Morning.  Water is over the road.  Not too deep, was able to drive through it without much water kicking up.
 Path down to Missouri River.  Now flooded.
 This is the second lowest spot.  It is already starting to cross over the road.
 Boat Dock.  The River is higher and faster than Friday.
 RR Bridge.  Click on pictures to enlarge them.
 Look at the current.
Water is closer to the Bench today.
Getting ready for flood at Veterans Park.
 Missouri River in the background.
 Not sure why this is coming out of the ground.  Good Water Marker though.
Water is definitely deeper than when I came into town.  They are now barricading the River Road.  I'll have to go the long way into town and on to work, now.  
 Navy Memorial
 Closer look at rising water.  Really sprayed from the tires as I drove across for the last time.  Until it is either re-opened or if there is a lot of damage, repaired.
 Independence Creek Bridge.  Water is higher.
 There is the tree.  More of it is under water now.
 This wild turkey isn't too worried!

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