Wednesday, June 22, 2011

2011 Garden and Flood

Thank goodness, no rain and cool breezy weather!  Perfect day to go out and work in the garden.  Yes, I know, the weeds are back.  At least this year, thanks to Tom tilling the garden, the bulk of the weeds are grass and not nasty stink weed or overgrown lambs quarter!
Green Beans.  I just pulled all the grass that was along the fence line!
Onions and Peas

Preferred Weed Killing Method!

Peppers and Zucchini

Another Weed killer method.  Not the best, strong wind blew papers all over.  basil and herbs. And lots of grass.

Grass/Weeds got away from me again.


Peas on one side and Roma Tomatoes on the other.

More of an overview of the right side of the garden.
I just worked in the garden for 3.5 hours.  Pulling weeds and moving the tarps and Rugs.  Yeah!!  here is the difference.  Unfortunately, it doesn't LOOK like I was out there that long.  :(       On the Bright side, the cows came in while I was doing this and loved the grass that I threw over the fence for them.  One cow stayed for awhile and I pulled faster so she would stay and eat more!   Heck of an exercise plan!!
Pulled the grass along the back here.  Where there is dirt, that is where I've pulled the grass.

Another View.  There is the cow fuller than before!!

You can see the moved tarps and how effective they are!

Another tarp moved and look at all that lovely dirt w/out the weeds to be planted tomorrow, if it doesn't rain!

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