Friday, June 10, 2011

2011 Flood - Friday

 This is taken as I head to work this morning.  The Missouri River is just at the edge of the road.
 I was so surprised to see this pile of sandbags!

What on earth is this???

Amelia Earhart Bridge

 Look, Giant Lego's!!!
 Sandbags in the daylight. Veterans Memorial in the background.

  Cement Lego wall.  Amazing.  I hope it doesn't have to be used.

 Boat ramp.  Look at the current.
 You can see how swift and dangerous the current is.
 Independence Creek filling up with Missouri River water.
 Independence Creek Bridge

You can see how the Creek is already so full of water.

Park Bench beside the river.  This is my "marker" to compare the river level.

 Geese Flying over the Railroad Bridge.

Close up of the Railroad Bridge.

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