Tuesday, June 21, 2011

2011 Flood - Tuesday

I decided that taking the same pics every day would get old.  Sometimes there just isn't much of a change.   So I came home and then decided to take pictures of the closed road.  Lets see the differences now.
You can see the water from Independence Creek has flooded over.  To the left is the Levee.

You can see the water clearly here, and the Fallen tree.

Flooded Road.  A LOT more water than last time. 

Independence Creek Bridge.  Look at the water level!

This is actually a road.  Looks more like a stream.  WOW!

Here's the Tree.  Quite a difference.
One thing that stuck me as I was taking the pictures is how peaceful it was.  No traffic noises, tires on gravel sounds.  Just a few birds calling out.  A variation on 'Beauty and the Beast'.

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