Saturday, January 2, 2010

Cold, cold cold

I had to work today. But Oh my, was it cold. 15 Degrees Cold!! After work I stopped at the grocery store because they have Pork Roast and Cheese on sale. I loaded the groceries into the back of the truck... ha ha... they won't get too warm back there!!! and headed home. It was sooo cold when I went to feed Freckles and her cats. brrrrrrr. I took an old bedspread out and created a tent for her. I had to make her go in and call her out several times so she won't be afraid of it tonight. I will have to check tomorrow and be sure it stayed up all night. I'm going to have Tom secure it better. He is so handy!! and as an added bonus, he doesn't mind the cold like I do!! I'll have to take a picture. Note to self. Too cold in the house to sew, I am snuggling up with a Crossword book (easy of course) and only getting up to work on dinner or pet Freckles. Hope everyone else is staying warm.

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