Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hectic Tuesday

Bad day today. Work was a pain. I worked from 5am -4:45pm Yuck, yuck, yuck. Finally made it home after stopping at the library for a few books on tape. There is another snowstorm coming and if I am stuck at home, I WANT TAPES!!

Silly Freckles.. or the silly cats... demolished the little house I put together for Freckles. Not sure how/where she slept on the old bedspread, because alot of the rabbit carriers fell down on it. I had used them to supposidly hold the blanket up and for Freckles to crawl UNDER the bedspread and sleep in her little tent *sigh*

Made it stronger and HOPEFULLY made it so that she/or cats can't pull it down again. Also threw an old blanket on the bottom for her to sleep on. I sure hope this works!!
Ok, I am trying to write something every day, here it is... lol... now, off to make dinner and then CRASH!!

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