Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snowday Thursday

Yep, I'm stuck at home. Tom headed to work and I talked to him after he made it in. He said "you'd never make it in". Hopefully the snowplows will get to the country roads. Of course, even if they do make it, what will it be like tomorrow morning? I leave the house about 5:00am and it is REALLY hard to tell if you are about the drive into a drift in the dark. I found with this snow that I can't tell where the side of the road is. Since the prior snow is still on the ground and nothing has melted enough to throw dirty snow up on the side of the road this new snow just blends right in. (hopefully this is a clear explanation) It is even hard to see the tracks of another car that has gone thru. I feel really bad about not making it to work. But it would be worse if I got stuck.

Boring time, just getting caught up on laundry and housework. But after that, I can quilt!!

I have signed up for a Weight loss competion at work. I need to buckle down and focus on this.. maybe tomorrow.. hee hee We still have lots of goodies left in the house from the holidays.

I attempted the Pizza rollups again. Little bit better. Not what I want though, I'll have to keep trying. Put the sauce on the dough, added more pepperoni and cheese and sliced them before baking. Was rather messy and they didn't hold their shape, but this was more what I was looking for.

This is a side view of the front of the house. Unusal drifting going on here.

Tom came home wayyy early. He arrived home around 2pm. What is going on? Well, he came home early so that he could get thru the drifts. He said it was a good thing he came home when he did. There was one other guy stuck around the County Line. He got High-Centered :( Tom came home to get the heavier farm truck to help pull him out, but we saw several trucks heading that direction. Luckily he had his cell phone and found out that he was getting some help, and we also found out that there were other cars stuck there as well. ewwwwww. Glad I stayed home, now.

I HAD to go out, though. I had to feed the dog and her cats! I know that there was enough food, but well, just in case there wasn't I had best go out. I did remember to take the camera. Have you ever tried to take pictures with thick gloves on??? Let me tell you that it is not easy.

This is the path I take to go to the overhang to take care of them. Shhhhhh.... we want to sneak up on Freckles!!!

There she is. I should have had the zoom part ready. But you can click on the picture and see it enlarged.

She is so funny. She is getting out of there quickly so she can run up to the front door and bark so that I will let her in. Even though I stay back there for awhile putting the food out and petting Miss Fluffbucket, she will be at the door barking for me to hurry up and let her in!

Here is a close up of her dog house and Miss Fluffbucket. Now those silly kitties cant jump up on her house and collapse it down!!!

Tom is out pushing snow again.

Good thing he has that plow on his 4 wheeler!

I wonder if he is tired of me taking his picture? Does he even know that I am taking it???

Miss Fluffbucket has to follow me to the house. Don't know why, she has never been allowed in the house! Look at all that snow!


Nancy Eaton said...

I'm voting that miss Fluffbucket should be allowed in the house during the winter, at least! I just saw on the Today show (NBC), that cats shouldn't be outside at all (not sure I believe in that, but at least for the winter, I agree)

Trish said...

Well, I would agree.... but... she has never been in the house. She is strictly an outdoor kitty. She and her siblings and babies usually snuggle up to Freckles and share the warmth!