Sunday, January 3, 2010

Spinning Top

I am so excited, I have finished the middle section on the Spinning Frogs Quilt!! The blocks are 8" Square. And I have 4x7 rows. Now, unfortunately, I have to do the dreaded housework and plan dinner and generally get ready for another week of work. But.. The middle section is done!

I also took some time to snap a few picture of the beautiful scenes outside our house. We had more snow again last night and this morning. It sure softens things up, even the tracks Tom made from the last snow.

I am still working on the recipe. This time I sort of forgot about having the bread dough rising in the refrigerator. When I spotted this:
I decided that I had best make it up.
Simple. Peperoni and Cheese to go inside the bread and then the pizza sauce for dipping. Yummm. Hope this works!
Here it is ready to be all rolled up. The directions I found said to leave it as a log and bake it 350 for 25 minutes. Here I go.
Tastes ok. I added more cheese. Not what I want though. But I will take the leftovers to work tomorrow and finish it up there. I need use a different bread dough, I think. I maybe pre-slice them. The dough was not quite done in the center. I will heat them up in the microwave at work to cook it some more.

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