Sunday, January 3, 2010

Spinning Top

I need to sew only 4 more pinwheel blocks to have the center of the quilt done!!! I have been calculating the center plus borders to figure out what I need to add to make this a twin size quilt. Or should I just make this a throw? This is a very frustrating part for me. I don't have any specific bed or person in mind for this and so I am not sure what I want to do.

I originally was going to put a thin border of red (2"), then wider borders of the white and green to total 8". And if enough of the frog fabric, put them as cornerstones for the outside border. Sounds good. The red would be a nice accent. However, I got to thinking (which seems to get me in trouble every time!) What if I "finished" up the spin on the outside edge of the quilt? What color would I use? I don't have enough of the Frog fabric. :( I have a couple of yellows. One is softer, one is more gold. What about red? Then I wouldn't have to add the thin red border. OR I could do red and then still add the thin red border? (I can create this look by using 4x6 rectangles and sew the white triangle on one corner. Take another 4x6 rectangle and sew the green triangle on the other corner. Then cut a 6x8 rectangle for the laternative blocks, thus giving it the finished spin look, surrounded with the red. ) Ok, test it out on the wall and take a picture.

Yellow. Just not the right shade. The gold is worse.

Wow. Yeah, definitely over kill. The red just dominates this now :(
But wait!! I found another yellow. Hmmm I put this up on wall. Placed the spinners, then found an odd red strip in the bin (close to the solid red used in this picture) and took the picture. This is a great way for me to get another perspective on the quilt.
Nope. Maybe because the spin is 4" this idea just won't work.
Maybe I don't need to finish the spin. Maybe I should just keep with the original idea. See, thinking gets me into trouble!!

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