Friday, February 25, 2011

Ice Skating With the Car

Pine Trees

See how the wind blew the snow.
We got hit with a lot of snow.   I can't believe these picture turned out so good.  I stuck the camera out the front door at arm length and snapped the pictures.  Hmmm maybe I should do that more often!!  lol

I should have stayed home.  But I really thought I should be at work.  I followed Tom in to town.  I had trouble in the daylight seeing where the tracks were because the snow was so clean and the sun was bright off the snow.  I would have gone off the road if I had tried to leave at 5am and in the dark.  I did fine until about 3-4 miles from work.  Came off the ramp and when I got onto the Interstate I hit a slick spot and spun around... twice...  It is true what they say "it is like slow motion" and you can't do anything but ride it out and pray.  I saw the post coming that I knew I was going to hit and I had no idea what kind of post it was.  Lucky for me, it was just the one that holds a reflector.  I hit is sideways.  I don't know if it slowed me down, or it was all the snow, or a combination of both.  I didn't go down the ditch or flip, Thank God!  and I tell you what, it couldn't have been but about 2-3 minutes later that a State Trooper pulled up and helped me.  What a blessing.  I was all nerves and tears at that point.   After helping me to his car, he went back and put tape on the car and as I watched, he had a look on his face that made me turn to see what he was staring at.  OMG.  There was a van doing the same spinning that I did.  Coming toward us.  Holy.......    It's spin took it past us.  Thank you Lord!!  From what she described, she had to have hit the same patch of Ice that I did.  Lucky for all of us we did just fine.  Nobody hurt and no other accidents happened because of it. 

This is enough excitement for me.  I was not worth a whole lot after that.

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