Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Completed Table Runner and Big Tent

Yes!!  The Table Runner is now Completed!!  Binding is all sewn on.  I tried the method where it was sewn on the front, raw edges together, then flipped to the back, pinned, and stitched again from the front.  It has too much 'edge' past the stitching for my taste.  But it is done!!  Good way to practice a new technique.  I see more table runners being made so that I can perfect this technique.  Maybe I'll try using fancy stitches instead of a straight stitch next time.
Completed Table Runner

Brrrrrr Snowy day

You can see the snow blowing in.

Snowmen playing on the New Table Runner!!
I have been listening to pod casts from Big Tent while sewing.  I found "Quilting for the rest of us" and scrolled to her first session and have been working my way forward.  I have to say that this is like having a friend or two sitting in the room, having a discussions and you can just listen in and get a lot of you own work done!!   I am surprised that I am experiencing such a great feeling of accomplishment for completing "just a Table Runner". (which is what I am saying in my head)  But it sure does feel great!!


Alycia said...

Oh gosh - that is really really pretty. Stay warm!!

Linda said...

That's very pretty. The black really sets off the yellow strings. I'm having a blast with this challenge. What a great way to get us out of our comfort zone. Stay warm now and have a great day.

Marg said...

The black is a great contrast to the yellow, it looks really lovely.

Trish said...

Thank you for your wonderful words! I love the encouragement and it keeps me going. :)

Cheryl Willis said...

great job, the black looks so good as the accent color. cw