Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Violet Quilt and After the 'Blizzard'

 Lots and Lots of Snow.  Here is Tom working on the snow.  I, however, am inside where it is warm!!
Busy with Snow 'Pushing'
What a Cutie!  She Loves my being 'stuck' at home!
Violet Quilt Pieces
Here are my Violet pieces.  I don't get it, I thought I had more fabric than this?  Why do I have many darks when the fabric was all piled up it seemed that I had more lights?    Well............... when I went to type this on the blog I found this:

Lightest Violets
Grrrrrr.  The Go Cutter is all packed up, the cutting mat and rotary are all packed up.  AND  I have to go to work tomorrow.  (more growley noises here)   Well, mystery solved.  Just wished I had noticed this about 3 hours ago.  Not sure when I can get the rest cut up.  I have to work this weekend.  Such is life.  :) 
It is better to smile than cry during moments like this.

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