Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What's For Dinner and Violet Quilt

What's For Dinner?  I'm glad you asked.  I actually have something planned!  And it is healthy!  Not something I'm very good at.  We have Turkey Polish Sausage, Shrimp, Blend of Wild Rice & Rice, Salad and Green Pepper and Baby Carrots.  I slice the sausage and cook it in a skillet and when it is just about done I throw in the shrimp.  These are salad shrimp.  These are smaller than I usually use but were all that they had.  Well, I didn't want the JUMBO shrimp, the idea is to keep everything small.  I bought this rice but haven't tried it yet.  The directions seem simple enough  :) 

Dinner Ingredients

Purple selection
Pattern Choice

 According to Judy at http://www.patchworktimes.com/   February's color is VIOLET.  Wow, really challenging us at the beginning of the year!!   I have a pattern, I have fabric, what I am not sure of is:
  • 1.  Doing the whole quilt Monochromatic.
  • 2.  Do I have definite Light, Med and Dark Violets
  • 3.  Can I add Green instead of White or black????    lol 
Those 4 fabrics in the Medium pile look dark.  But, when put with the Darks, look medium.  What is a girl supposed to do???   I'm thinking I will have to be very aware of where I place them.  :)   Here is the pattern I want to do.  The problem.  It will be a large quilt.  Probably king size.  I wonder.  Maybe I should do a strip quilt.  Keep the Dark Purples for the center Stripe, Then I can play around with the blocks and create an interesting pattern with them.  Decisions, decisions, decisions.  Maybe I should invest in EQ7.

The storm is still blowing.  Tom said lots of drifts and even places where the road is just blown clean.  Of course the ice on the road is still there.  Darn wind, why doesn't it just blow the ice away!?!   I'll have to get pictures either later or wait until tomorrow. 

The other Item at hand is Judy's Pick for our UFO Challenge.  I failed miserably at January's.  In fact, all I did was to get it out, put it on the couch and then NOT EVEN TOUCH IT.  For the whole month!   *sigh*   The new UFO is #10.  Happy Smile.  It is my Bright Quilt.  And all it needs is the binding sewn on.  :)   Keep asking me about it.  Keep me on track! 


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