Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sidetracked Again

Guess that title says it all.  I've been researching "making your own cardboard furniture"  or accessories!  I can get cardboard free at work (hmm I wonder if they would pay me to take it away?  Nah... lol )   So working on the Violet Quilt has been moved aside.  BUT, I will work on it today!  Going to put on a podcast and get to sewing.
This is the Framework of what will Hopefully be a Quilting Tool Caddy.  Section at the back will be for the rulers, Bottom two sections will become pull drawers and the two sections above them will be for things like Rotary Cutters and Pen/pencils.  So far I've only invested time into this and the cost of some wallpaper paste. 

I thought about going "back in time" and creating a blog entry for the days I've 'missed'.  But I decided that would be silly and take time away from what I want to get done today.  (maybe I'm getting smart??)

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