Monday, January 31, 2011

Yellow Table Runner

Although I had planned on making a Yellow Quilt.  Time turned it into a Yellow Table Runner!  I enjoyed the process of deciding what pattern to choose, how I was going to lay it out, the changes I needed to make to take it from a quilt to a runner. 

This storm that is coming in has created a layer of ice on the roads that I considered too dangerous.  After talking to people that made it to work, I am glad that I stayed home.  Talk of all the wrecks they've seen along the way and the sliding that they did.  Whew.  I'll just keep throwing more wood into the furnace and staying warm!

Freckles did NOT want to go out to potty, I even had to help her down the step so she wouldn't fall and walk out to the trees so she would follow me and go.  I dread what tomorrow will bring.

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