Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas Quilt and Pressure Cooker and Weekend Goals

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I am moving right along on the quilt! The blocks are all sewn into rows and Almost all the rows are joined together!! We've had snow this morning. Not alot, thank goodness! But, the evening is yet to come. Weather report is saying between 3-6 inches of snow tonight and Monday lots of snow blowing around due to winds. :( ewwwww. (maybe I'll have to stay home!)

Rows are all sewn together! I thinking about putting a first border of black and then the piano key border last, OR odd size rectangles sewn lengthwise for the last border. I think I really need EQ7!! lol Why didn't I think of that for my Christmas list??? This looks square, but it isn't. It is 5X7 blocks. What do you think?

I have found a recipe and started the Pot Roast cooking in the Pressure Cooker. Wish me luck, this is the first time doing this. I found the recipe here:

So far the most confusing part is No Dial to watch, No juggle sound to hear, so I keep watching the amount of steam. Found a site that said "a Whisper of steam is all you need to see". Ok. But there is little bubbles of water "erupting" every so often and a gentle sound going on at the same time. is this ok? So far it hasn't blown up, so I guess that is a good sign. There is a little bit of moisture at the base of the thingy where the steam comes out. No mention of that happening in the directions. Guess we will wait and see. Only 18 minutes left on the timer and then the cool down time. :) I am HUNGRY. Apparently I forgot to eat lunch.

Can you see the little bubbling at the base where the steam comes out? I guess you can see a little bit of white, where the steam has dried. Next picture is the whole cooker with the red pressure thing up, showing that it is all pressurized :)

Here is the end result. Delicious! Gravy is in the Cooker.
Definitely will be making this again!

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Lori said...

definitely a newer model pressure cooker than I have. Yes, my *dingles*. But aren't they the handiest cooking aid??!!