Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Yellow Quilt

Stayed home from work today. Snowed in. My yard stick says 7-8" fell. Not sure what official measure is. Bad for work, but good for me because I plan on working on the Yellow Quilt today!

The first was my thought for the Yellow Quilt but the cute center gets lost :( And this is what happens when I put a black center. Definitely better! But, I started with a 4.5" cut square and 2.5" cut strips. Which makes a 12" finished block. rather LARGE for the baby quilt that I thought to do. So, I can either keep going and make it a larger quilt (I definitely have enough fabric to do this) OR recut strips and make it all smaller. Decisions, decisions.
I know. I'm going to go eat lunch!!
This is the changed version. The strips are cut at 1.5". Tiny, tiny pieces! I spent most of the time cutting strips. I have enough sewn for 8 blocks. But lots more tiny pieces if I need to sew more.

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