Saturday, January 8, 2011


Good thing I gave myself Saturday AND Sunday! I spent a lot of time surfing the web this morning and am finally cracking down on my list! I have sewn two Rows of the Christmas Easy Quilt :) I don't want to stop, but I had better so I can tackle another item on my list. We will have leftovers for dinner, Fridge is FULL. So I can concentrate on De-cluttering now. bbl Never thought cleaning would be "exciting". Organized alot of stuff (non-quilting) and found some gifts for people from Christmas' past (yes, more than one Christmas). Good news is that I will be passing them out tomorrow! Now, I give myself permission to work on my quilt some more. I think I will wait on the yellow. This other is telling me to finish 'me' first. lol Darn it. I just realized. Yellow quilt has to be FINISHED by the end of the month. This means quilted and bound. Ok, have to re-think this one.

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