Sunday, January 30, 2011

Stash Sunday - Week 5

Week 5 Stash Report
Used this Week:  0 (Still haven't FINISHED a project)
Used Year to Date - 0
Added This Week - 1 yards
Added Year to Date - 10 yards
Net Used 2011:  0

I bought 4 fat quarts of yellow to add to my yellow quilt.  This was before I truly realized how short a time I had left to get it done.  WOW, this month has flown by. 

 I've been busy working on the Yellow Table Runner (Formerly known as Yellow Quilt!!)  And I am pleased with my progress.

I am trying to decide how to lay out the Runner.
This is getting closer!

 Is it considered Anaerobic Exercise when you have to step over the dog just to get to the quilt pieces that you are going to sew next?  I think so, because I always pause, catch my breath (because I almost stepped on her, well not really.  I try to be aware of where she has plopped down.) and then high step over her, then Repeat when coming back to the sewing room!!   If you can  see the bedroom in the background, that is where they Runner is laid out.

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Kate said...

Very cute runner. Great color combo.