Sunday, January 16, 2011

Stash Report and Yellow Quilt

I woke up way Too Early this morning.  (3am)  On the bright side, I finished sewing this round on the Yellow Quilt!!  Have to go to work  :(    Yeah, work is over for the day, now, I need to cut some more strips to 4.5 length and get to sewing some more.  House is COLD  Brrrrrr.  Maybe I'd best throw some more wood in the furnace first!  :)

Week 3 Stash Report
Used this Week:  0
Used Year to Date - 0
Added This Week - 9 yards
Added Year to Date - 9 yards
Net Used 2011:  0

Looks bad.  But I will add the fabric that I have used when I finish a quilt.  So, I'd better get alot of quilts done this year!!

1 comment:

Tamera said...

I'm sure you'll use it up!