Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow day

Snowed in today.  :)   Lots to get done.  I have already browned and bagged 9 lbs of ground beef.  4 of it is deer.  Mixing it with the beef as it browns adds the extra fat to help the dryness of the meat.  I also have lots of grease to use for Freckles' food.  She will just love this!!  I wonder if i froze it in ice cube trays might be a good way to handle this much? 
Dinner is Lasagna.  I need to put the ingredients into the Bread Machine so we can have fresh bread tonight!
Darn it, I forgot the bread.  I got busy cleaning. Yes, you heard right.  Cleaning!

Lasagna is made.  I made two batches and froze one.  Laundry is going and the sewing room looks almost as organized/clean as when I first moved into it!  I am feeling awesome about what I have accomplished today!

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