Sunday, January 2, 2011

January 's Number and Color & Stash Report

Judy has chosen a number for the UFO Challenge and it is #6. Yeah or Boo? Not sure which, lol. This is my Red/yellow Table Top. and I believe the quickest project to finish. I need to put it in the livingroom so I can have it in site at all times. I need to finish hand quilting it and bind it. That is "all". Ok, Trish, let's start the New Year right!

Oh yes. Color. The color for January's Monochromatic Quilt is YELLOW. I wonder how much yellow I have? I wonder what are we to do if we don't have enough Yellow to make anything?? That is probably a moot point, as I am sure that I have yellow. I just need to go and check. Judy's addy is: Go check it out!

Week 1 Stash Report:

Used this Week: 0
Used year to Date: 0
Added this Week: 0
Added Year to Date: 0
Net Used for 2011: 0

Ok, I looks bad. But I have cut the fabric for the quilt pictured below. But I have decided to wait until the top is finished before counting the fabric.

I was busy yesterday working on the Christmas Quick Quilt and have gotten a lot done. Wish I didn't have to keep stopping and starting. But here is a picture of the progress so far.

The empty spots, well, the corner two are on the ironing board and the other is still in the sewing machine. Scared myself a few times! I thought I had lost squares, only to realize that they were still "in" the sewing machine.

Caffeine. Sugar. I need more of one and less of the other. Solution? Hot Chocolate with coffee in it? I don't like the tase of coffee. I don't like the smell of coffee. Disguising it in Hot chocolate may be the answer. Made my own Hot Chocolate from recipe. Add Instant Coffee. This may work. Cheaper than the International coffee that I've been buying. I am drinking a cup now. too much coffee. Should I add sugar? No. Need less sugar *sigh*

Decluttering has begun!! Jocelyn is helping me start in the Bedroom. She has been such a big help. I get bogged down, or my brain shuts down, and she finds a way to get me going again!!

I have MAJOR problems finishing quilts. This is one reason I have so many UFOs. I have devised a plan for me :) When I am Surfing the web stores, I will "shop", but at the end I will try to ONLY actually BUY virtually. Write down the total. Put that amount aside. And when I have enough to pay for a quilt to be quilted, HAVE IT DONE!!
Wish me luck!!

Sunday - Eat at Chester's!
Monday - Turkey, corn, Rolls,
Tuesday - King Crab
Wednesday - Steak, Potatoes, Watergate Salad, Oreos
Thursday - Turkey Pot Pie
Friday - Steak, Potatoes, Salad
Saturday - Roast (try the Pressure Cooker), Carrots, Potatoes

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